About the Game


Spin Cycle is an iPhone game with a simple one-touch control mechanism.

The game play is about tapping the machine to change the water's direction and keep your pets alive for as long as you can! 

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My Role


UI Assets

Flow Chart


Motion Design

Tutorial Design


Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design


Logo/Icon Design

Game Design


Difficulty Tuning

Game Trailer



The game concept is from yin and yang - the two opposing principles in nature. Then I came up with the idea of cat and fish, water and air. The original game prototype is on PC, using the space bar and array keys to control the water level. Since we think the game play and game theme are very fit for it to be a mobile game, our team did a lot of testing on the control methods on the touch screen.



Original Game Prototype

One touch control on touch screen

Keyboard control on PC

Game Art


Character Design




Environment Design



UI/UX Design



The first version of the game tutorial

Players get information from a static picture before they start the game.

The final version of the game tutorial
Players receive instructions while they play the game. The game gives players instant feedback for their input.

Game UI is in the game environment
The game UI and UI motion design are centered around the laundry machine. To make good use of screen real estate, the health/score bar and pause button are placed in a familiar area for players, on the laundry machine control panel.

Making good use of the character

Spin Cycle is a fast speed casual game, the average play time length per time is just a few minutes. In order to let players remember this game and come back to play again, emphasize the character of the cute cat and silly fish while players are playing the game is the key. Design the game characters into the interface makes the interface looks more interesting and helps the players to remember the game.


Icon Design




As the designer, artist and UI/UX designer in our two person's  team, the whole process of from come up with a prototype idea to put it on App store is a valuable experience for me.


As a freemium game, a suitable gameplay is definitely needed, and which SpinCycle has (simple one-touch control mechanism/quick round/funny story), but besides that, there still needs a lot of economics system design to help the game to be success, so we added advertisement video after players played a few rounds and we are planning to add more characters which allow players to unlock them when players get enough scores. And we found people like challenging with each other; they like biting high scores when we were playtesting/exhibiting the game in few events. So we added high score board and social media share system to meet the needs. 


Overall, the whole process of development this game is not only about design a good gameplay or character, but also about all the stuff besides that, like how to engage/maximum players experience, add commercial value into a game and how to manage App store materials and doing social media to get people's attention.



Developing with  Eric Teo

Developing Tool:  Unity, Illustrator