Weekly Game Prototypes

13 weeks, 13 game prototypes

Solo project | Made in Unity with C# | 2016



Hi there, welcome to my weekly prototype project.

For each prototype, based on the given theme, I started by thinking about what kind of experience I want to deliver to the players and what game mechanism and art theme provide that experience. Then I drew sketches, prototyping, playtesting, yelling and iterating. Glad I survived and created 13 game prototypes that I like a lot.

It's exhilarating to create games every week :)

Week 1

Sink or Swim

Cat and Fish


Rotate the water to save the cat and the fish!! Keep each of them in its safe zone!

After story:

I really love this idea and I've got a lot of good feedbacks from playtesters, I decided to continue working on this game and it came out to be a worldwide Apple featured mobile game -- Spin Cycle.

(I guess all the wonderful things start with a prototype)


Week 2

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

A game about doing two things concurrently!

- First, control Robin Hood to run away from the pursuing Sheriff.

- Meanwhile, solve the color puzzles to obtain special powers!

Week 3



A game about solving a barely visible maze due to similar colors.

A compromise between hard but comfortable to play, easy to see but glaring.

Week 4

Party Game


A multiplayer game about trying to keep all players in the correct order. 

It's a cooperation game with a lot of verbal communication between players. 

Of course, tons of chaos and fun.

Week 5



A game about exploring the environment and discovering the outline of the hidden shape. Once the player gets familiar with the boundaries, they have to find the disfigured part.

Week 6

Repeating Pattern


This is a "toy" where players control the keyboard to play with unique and interesting patterns of colors and shapes.

Week 7



A game about following the rules, but being brave can help you get to a further place and give you an abnormal life.

Week 8

One Touch Control


Control the size of the moving ball, keep it touching the white portions to speed up, and avoid touching the colored walls which slow down the speed!

Week 9



An honor duel between two players.

Before the duel, players make an agreement about the countdown time, then each player try to shoot the other player as soon as possible after the countdown time is over. Shooting too early will be treated as dishonorable and the player will lose!

Week 10



Using a single button, change the sequence of colors to match the raindrops that are falling down.


But be careful! Players need to precisely control the colors because no mistakes are allowed!

Week 11

Fan Game


Push your opponent out of the stage by clever movements and positioning.

Each player is constantly rotating, and each quadrant represents a different strength, the darker the tone, the stronger the strength of the push.


Week 12

American Game


This game is an abstract representation of my experiences filing taxes in the United States. 

You are trying to fill in a form that has fields that are slightly different tones with the correct boxes while trying to eat junk food and entertain yourself.


Week 13


In Another World


In another world, the rules of life are different. Traditionally dangerous things are no longer harmful and harmless things can now kill you!


Thank You