Paint Walker is an interactive digital experience that allows users to explore the topography of oil paints. 


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PaintWalker is a project cooperate with the Met Media Lab to make an interesting experience for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


PaintWalker creates an immersive VR experience for players to walk on the contour of a painting, and the idea of it is to create a unique perspective of a painting and bring in a new understanding of an artwork.


This project is shown on the Met Digital Open House and featured on the livescience.



We’ve loaded in a 3-dimensional laser scan of a painting made in reference to Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers. Players are dropped down to an Ant-sized view of the painting where they are given free reign to explore. There are waypoints spread about the painting, if the user walks up to them, they gain a wider view of where they are standing and a bit of info about the painting itself.


The biggest potential benefit of Paint Walker is bringing art to new audiences.  The game allows people to engage with painting in a new way by walking in the mountains and valleys created by the colors and pigments. Generally, art is thought of in term of its representational aspect, but we bring the physicality of the materials into focus. Why not try walking on the surface of the most significant artwork to enjoy and examine them closely?


For people who have little knowledge of painting, Paint Walker provides an exciting way to experience art, they don't have to learn, study or analyze, just explore the pigment mountains and have a fantastic time. For people who already are art fans, Paint Walker offers them a completely fresh perspective on art, which might expand their notions of their familiar artworks


has changed the painting into an impressive, game-like environment. Our team Paint WalkerMoreover, because believe it’s very attractive to children and even gamers who have little interest in art. 






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There are some potential future directions for this project:

- First, we would like to add more types of player experience. Right now the visitors can walk on and explore the whole painting on foot, but how about flying over on a landscape painting or sliding on a sand like painting? We want to add more types of physical movement to create a better experience depending on the content of the painting. In the same way, we would like change the player’s avatar. A visitor could be a bird in a forest painting, or a bee in a sunflower painting. There are as many possibilities as there are paintings.


- Second, we think these paintings can act as a stage for games and interactions. We can take advantage of this unique viewpoint and create games based around the subject of the painting. By doing this, visitors will not just walk around on the painting but play with it as an environment. These kinds of experiences would be much more fun and varied, helping to reach a much younger audience and getting them engaged with art at a young age.


- Third, expanding into Virtual Reality will lead to better experiences. As we all know, VR technology is getting more and more popular these days. The strength of VR is in perspective, which makes it a perfect match for Paint Walker, as Paint Walker is all about bringing a fresh perspective to the enjoyment of paintings.







"For visitors who preferred to experience their art up close, "Paint Walker" provided the unique virtual experience of strolling across the highly magnified surface of a painting."




Developed with Samuel Ehren, Ping Qiu, Lea Liu

3D scanning painting data provided by Willemijn Elkhuizen

Special thanks to Matt Parker, Marco Castro Cosio and Met MediaLab