A 1-on-1 space combat strategy board game with a whole lotta dice.


Position: Game Designer, Artist

Date: 12. 2014


Developed with:

Chris McGinnis, Bengang Qi, Carl Farra, and Owen Bell



Two alien motherships are locked in a massive interstellar clash. With their guns and engines down, they reach out to YOU, tactical mastermind of the Intergalactic Rescue Squad, a young team of talented bounty hunters recruited to save the day and destroy the opposition. Control 4 unique pilots, mine for resources, roll lots of dice, and engage in epic galactic warfare!


The game was featured at IndieCade East 2015.


Intergalactic Rescue Squad is a Game Design 1 (taught by Eric Zimmerman) final project, the result of 4 weeks of work. We wanted to make a game that has the dice mechanics and light heartedness of King of Tokyo but with more strategic decision making. Each face on the dice represents an action, either attack, move, reinforce, or mine. Players simultaneously assign actions to their pilots behind a screen, before revealing them and playing them out on the board one by one, having to adapt their tactics on the fly.