Save the earth from extraterrestrial evil by drawing powerful magic circles

ShipMission is a single-player mobile game created in Unity.


Your objective is to protect Earth by drawing circles around falling meteors to destroy them. The challenge will increase at the end of each phase, but don’t worry, the moon is your teammate! When you draw a circle around it, it will destroy all the meteors on-screen, and you sometimes get an extra life, preparing you for the final, intense barrage of meteors.


About the Game


My Role


UI Assets

Flow Chart


Motion Design

User Research


Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design


Logo/Icon Design

Game Design


Difficulty Tuning

Coding in Unity with C#

Game Play

The ship is drawing a circle to destroy the red meteor

Finger screen-skating battle!

Game Art

It's all about circle

Game UI

Three different phases of the ship and its health bar 

The face and health bar of Earth in different phases


Our cute earth has only three lives. If it loses the last one that means that your mission failed and the game is over!

Two Versions of the Game Over Screen

Using character to express the game result instead of just put on a number of the score on the game over screen.



Always Playtesting

I love playtesting at different developing stages! I got a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions through observing playtesters and talking with playtesters. They made me think deeply about this game and change a lot of details to improve the game experience, like how to modify the game's difficulty curve, how to make the control gesture more natural on the tapping screen, how to visually representing each game stage, etc. 

Solo Project

Developing Tool:  Unity, Photoshop