The Incredible Adventures of E-Bot!

Gorgeous, side scrolling puzzle adventure game.

Game Platform:  Mac, PC

Development Tool: Unity, Maya

Position: Artist, Game Designer

Date: 2015 


Developed with

Eric Teo + Jingjin Liu + Jing Zhao 



Adventures of Ebot is a side-scrolling puzzle adventure game. The player is an assistant to a bumbling robot and tries his best to help Ebot who is always moving forward and afraid of light to block light and make its way to the end of each level. But it won’t be so easy as there will be challenges along the way but through clever manipulation of blocking and selecting appropriate body shapes, the player will succeed! 


We wanted to bring the player along a journey that will eventually fill the player with hope when he finally completes the game! We aimed for a game that dealt with the nature of light sources, specifically blocking and reflection, and we carefully crafted the puzzles to utilize these behaviors.















As the artist in the team, I built up the world of Ebot by Maya with low poly art style. The 3D world made a good service on represent different perspective of the light directions. Low poly art style not only very fit for the robot theme but also allowed me to build up the game world very quick which gave me more time to focus on visual function expression.





Blocking                                                            Reflection                                                    Refraction

​Player's three transformations

Elevater in the game