Crusaders of Light is a 3D Fantasy Open World MMORPG on both mobile and PC platforms. As a UI/UX designer, I designed new features' user flow, wireframe, UI assets and implemented UI modules to game engine. This page demonstrates three projects I worked on.
  • Perfecting purchasing experience - Dynamic Bundle
  • Item info enhancement - Treasure Chest Preview
  • Special events/holiday promotion - Store Decoration
Purchasing Experience Improvement
Dynamic Bundle
Overview: Dynamic Bundle is a time-limited pop-up store that players can purchase either of two bundles.  I identified opportunities to improve this feature for better a conversion funnel.
Problem: Confusing reading order causes high cognition load and a low conversion rate.
Action: Revamped the information layout, making it easy to read and compare.
Result:  Increased new user conversion rate by 25%.
My Role: UX Research, layout, A/B Test, UI assets modification, UI animation and implementation 
Issue analysis on previous version
Issue fixing on the revamp version
Final Design
Item info enhancement
Treasure Chest Preview
Overview:  Treasure Chests has a complex reward pool and players don't know what they might get before purchasing/opening.
Problem: Lack of reward info to make a purchasing decision, failed to build up an expectation.
Actions: Designed a detailed expanded view that shows tiered rewards and a secondary tooltip
Result: Players love the Chest Preview (from the survey and social media) and purchase more (from metrics). 
My Role: Research, Flow, Layouts, UI assets, UI implementation  
Previous Version
  • No information of what's in the chest
Revamped Version
  • Clear info of what player may get.
  • Secondary tooltips for hovered item.
In game look
Special events/holiday promotion 
Store Decoration
Overview: I designed the new seasonal appearance of Goblin Merchant (mascot of the in-game store) which changes based on events and holidays. The new design created the holiday atmosphere and resulted trended up monetization metrics. 
My Role: UI decoration assets, item icon, UI animation and implementation 
​Original Goblin Marchant
Halloween                                                 Thanksgiving                                        Christmas
Various pop-up store promotion reminders
Thanksgiving store UI design 
Halloween store UI design
Halloween Goblin Marchant with Pumpkin chest opening and glowing animation 
One Year Anniversary Chest 
Thank You