Crazy Cart Chaos

 4 Players. 2 controllers. Total chaos.​


A fast paced local multiplayer game where players compete to deliver passengers to the correct stations within one minute. Developed on the 2015 Train Jam to GDC on the 52 hour ride from Chicago to San Francisco.

Game Platform:  Mac, PC

Development Tool: Unity

Position: Game designer, Artist

Date: 03. 2015 


Developed with

CS Wallace + Chris McGinnis + Mauricio Juliano + Wyatt Yeong



The game is a frantic, fast-paced local multiplayer where four players share two controllers. Each player uses one half of a PS4 controller to play, using only the shoulder button and analog stick on their side. Players control train carts and have one minute to deliver as many passengers as they can to the correct stations. But players can steal passengers from others as well! The more a player is able to fill a station with passengers of their color, the more bonus points they will get when the station fills and is reset.


While seemingly simple at first glance, an interesting strategic depth emerges after playing for a while. Players can choose to focus on picking up passengers or camping around drop-off points and try to steal from opponents more. Is it wiser to go try to fill one station, or spread your drop-offs out? Players must be able to predict where their enemies are planning to go to in order to avoid or intercept them correctly. Of course, all of this is happening within one minute – so split-second reaction timing is needed as well.



– Frantic multiplayer action!

– Innovative control scheme

– Addictive “just one more game!” feel

– Unique, cute art style

– 4 different maps, chosen randomly each round

– Simple map creation and editing system in Unity


Showcase at GDC 2015
Our team!
Finally, San Francisco!