Visual Design Tools

Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Animate,     After Effects, Sketch, InVision

Development Tools

Unity 3D, C#



English, Mandarin

MFA in Game Design                     2016

New York University​

BFA in Game Art Design               2013   Beijing Film Academy




Emma Wang

Game Artist/ UI Artist

Design Experience

· COGNITION                                                                         2015 - 2016

   Mobile Game                                                        Main Artist, UI Artist

     The adventures of two gears inside the mind of a troubled inventor. 

     Hand drawn art style and intuitive UI lead players to a delightful and       

     cohesive game experience .

     - Featured in 129 countries’ App Store.

     - Best Mobile Game Finalist of Casual Connect USA 2016. 

· SPIN CYCLE                                                                                     2016

    Mobile Game                                                     Artist, Game Designer

     A twitch style and addictive game about saving your pets who have 

     fallen into a washing machine! Enhanced player enjoyment by having a 

     the theme that allows the gameplay to be more self evident and intuitive, 

     designed the UI into the environment. Made in Unity and Illustrator.

     - Featured in 65 countries’ App Store.

     - Nominated for Best Student Game for Playcrafting 16 Bit Award.

· Saralac - the Rainbow Snake                                            2013 - 2014

    Story Book                                                                            Illustrator

     30 pages story book about a little gray snake’s first adventure of being    

     brave and growing up. Made in Photoshop.

· BENNY                                                                                              2012                                                

    Digital Game Demo                                                      Artist, UI Artist   

     A 3D steampunk style action-puzzle game about a dying boy’s 

     introspection journey in the bell tower. Used UI to enhance the game 

     theme and art style. Made in Unreal and Photoshop.



Work Experience

· LunaFive LLC                                                                       2015 - 2017

    Main Artist, UI/UX Designer

     Working on a mobile game project called COGNITION.

· MammyDaddyMe  Ltd.                                                       2015 - 2017     

    Artist, UI/UX Designer

     Designed educational games to teach kids about digestive systems and 

     food chain with a cute, bright art style and clear cohesive UI by Illustrator.

·  New York University                                                          2015 - 2016

    - Teaching Assistant for Intro to Game Design Class                              

     - Instructor at Visual Help Desk

· Game Conference Volunteer                                                          2015    

     - 2015 PRACTICE Games In Detail Conference                               

     - 2015 Different Games Conference                                                    

     - 2015 IndieCade East Conference                                                        

· Inc.                                                                                  2011

    Graphic Designer

     Worked with Visual Director to design icons and background pictures for 

     the Sohu public information accounts under Sohu visual guidelines.


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