Crusaders of Light is a 3D Fantasy Open World MMORPG on both mobile and PC platform. As the UI/UX designer in the team, I worked on new game features' user flow, wireframe, UI assets creation and implementation. This page below demonstrates some of my works in this game:
  • Improving purchasing experience - Goblin Merchant: In-game store revamp
  • Game item info enhancement - Treasure Chest Preview
  • Special events/holiday store promotion - UI assets creation
  • New feature and items promotion - Banner Design
User Interface - Goblin Merchant
Feature Type:  Revamp in-game store
Feature Short Story: Goblin Merchant is an in-game time limited pop-up dynamic store. Players can purchase either giftpack from the two.
Deliverables:  UI layout, UI assests modification, UI animation, UI implementation 
Issue analysis on previous version
Issue fixing on the revamp version
Final Design
Treasure Chest Preview
Feature Type:  Item Info
Feature Short Story:  Treasure Chest Preview is a feature to let players know detailed info about what they may get before they purchase/open the Treasure Chests.
Deliverables: UI Layout, UI implementation  
Previous Version
  • Unclear info about what's in the chest
Revamped Version
  • Clear info about what player may get from the chest
  • Secondary info tips for the items in the chest
In game look
Goblin Merchant
Feature Type:  Dynamic UI decoration for store promotions  
Feature Short Story: Goblin Merchant is the mascot of the in-game store. The visual of Goblin Merchant and store panel change based on different game promotions and holidays. The UI design focused on delivering correct promotion info and creating the holiday atmosphere to stimulate consumption. 
Deliverables: UI decoration assets, item icon, UI animation, UI implementation 
Halloween                                                 Thanksgiving                                        Christmas
Various pop-up store promotion reminders
Thanksgiving store UI design 
Halloween store UI design
Halloween Goblin Marchant with Pumpkin chest opening and glowing animation 
One Year Anniversary Chest 
Winter Chest 
​Original Goblin Marchant
Promotion Banner
Feature Type: Banner
Feature Short Story: Game new features and new items are prompted when players first log in every day.  Call-to-action directs customers to the shop or event pages.
Deliverables: Graphic Design, UI implementation