Position: Main Artist, Game Designer

Game Platform:  iOS

Development Tool: Unity, Photoshop

Date: 09/2015- 09/2016


Developing with:

Eric Teo, Chris McGinnis, Wen Shi, and Alexander Feigenbaum



COGNITION is a “tap-former” puzzle game for iOS devices that requires players to use careful planning and a nimble finger to control two perpetually rotating cogs named Click and Cogsworth. By tapping on the screen, players will stop one cog which frees up the other cog to move, thus allowing players to navigate the crazy imaginary worlds inside the mind of a troubled inventor and recover the inventor’s memory and bring him back to reality. Easy to learn and packed with whimsical adventures.





What I did?

· Made mood board for visual style guidance. 

· Various concept arts which helped for different versions of prototypes and futher art work. 

· Art assets for all different game scenes - childhood, teenage, adult.

· Created animation for the cute characters to represent their different moods.

· Gameplay tuning and playtesting.

· Made UI/UX based on the game art style, game flow and narrative, all for letting this brain adventure full of fun      and without getting lost.










The inventor's childhood memory
The inventor's childhood memory

Everything is cute and colorful in this period of memory. No sharp object, no death.

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The inventor's memory of teenager
The inventor's memory of teenager

The objects in the memory is getting danger than childhood. More study objects and sharp objects start to showing up. The childhood toys has been modified by the inventor.

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Inventor's memory of adult period
Inventor's memory of adult period

The memory is going crazy!!! Surrounding is so unsafe, must be careful about the creepy teddy bear!

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Hit Mr. Clock can slow down the time
Hit Mr. Clock can slow down the time
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Time Rewind
Time Rewind

Every time when player got hit/ dead, instead of going back to the start of the level, time will rewind to the few seconds ago. The whole game has less punishment but more enjoyable time.

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The inventor woke up

Level Select Interface

Game Pause UI

Game Scene Objects

Cognition has three scenes, which represent the inventor's childhood, youth, and adulthood memory. The items in each scene not only represent the inventor's daily use objects in different life periods, push the narrative but also made a good job of representing the game mechanism and game difficulty curve.




Character animation sprite sheet

Collectibles in the game

· Featured in 129 countries’ Apple App Store
· Best Mobile Game Finalist of Casual Connect USA 2016 
· Nominated for Best Mobile Game and Best Student Game for Playcrafting 16 Bit Award.
· NYU Game Center Incubator 2016, Offical Selects
· Tokyo Game Show 2016, Indie Game Selects
· Showcased at IndieCade East 2016, Playcrafting, Brooklyn Brewery

Previous Versions/Prototypes

Since our team teamed up in late 2015, a lot of new ideas have led us to kill our prototype babies and raise new babies again and again. We are very happy with the game we currently have.



The contents below are our early game pitches and prototypes during different periods. Even if most of the art assets I was drawn are not be used in the final game, but I am very glad for I got a lot of practice on drawing quick concept art which services for each prototype.



"COGNITION is a single player puzzle experience for touch devices where you will use a unique movement mechanism to explore a hand drawn world. Players control 2 cogs that are connected and are constantly rotating around each other. By mastering their movement, players will solve puzzles through clever use of objects in the environment."                                                                                     

- Elevator Pitch 8 March 2016

"Little Pluto has been evicted from the solar system for not completing the 'I AM A PLANET' merit award! With his trusty backpack of favorite things, he roams the universe, helping other planets to gain enough badges and qualify for the award."                                                                                        

- Elevator Pitch 15 Sept 2015

First Concept Art

This image shows the visual design of our prototype levels. It shows what the player will see and how Pluto will interact with other planets.

This is a screenshot of out first prototype. We tested with claymation-style shaders and also the throwing mechanic to see how it feels and if it works. 

We are very honored and extremely excited to have Ken Wong and Pendleton Ward as our external advisors as we embark on creating our game!

Celestial Buddies is a single-player hand-drawn action game that has a unique orbiting mechanic that presents challenges in an interesting way. Control the buddies through touch input to eat space debris in order to grow bigger and populate the universe with stars.                                                                          

- Elevator Pitch 15 Dec 2015

December Prototype 

In this prototype version, we settled on the moving mechanic. We are designing the levels based on this moving mechanic.

Early Concept Art   

Some concept arts of the planet that I designed. We want to give each planet its own personality by using visual language.