About the BENNY


A steampunk art style action-puzzle game about a dying boy’s introspective journey to a bell tower. 


The game demo integrates puzzle solving and adventure.  The theme of the game originates from laziness of the Seven Deadly Sins. Players are confined in a closed bell tower, while cracking various kinds of mechanisms, they should also find the exit for escape, and unlock their lost memories. The moment of clearance of the pass or level is also the time when the puzzle of the whole story is solved. It gives people amidst darkness a glimmer of hope and enthusiasm, making the human nature more perfect, bringing salvation to the people, and discovering the existence of the goodness of human nature amidst its dark character. The art style of the game is gothic + "steampunk" style.




Design Idea


With my own current age group as the starting point, I summarized the emotional flaws of majority of the young people from their spiritual aspect: "cowardice, laziness, high regard of themselves, and no target of faith..." With this as my reference, I gradually enriched our protagonist. Our protagonist is not a hero, rather a rebellious bad boy. But he is very real, and he is the spiritual portrait of many young people. I, therefore, came up with the idea of expressing the theme with each sin of the Seven Deadly Sins as specific event. It constitutes the structure of the game - seven levels, and each level corresponds to different theme of sin. However, due to time restraints in our post-production, we made relative adjustment towards the seven levels, and took “laziness” – one of the Seven Deadly Sins – as the key to design. The important element that constitutes laziness is the "fly of time," and for this purpose, we carried out major revision towards the scene design.

Game Artist                      UI Artsit          

My Role


Concept Art

Environment Design

Prop Design

3D Model


UI Assets

Flow Chart


Motion Design


Developing with:

Chang Liu, Yiyang Liu, Lixuan Wang, Wenbiao Sun 

Development Tool:

Unreal, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush